Last year District 70 introduced a range of trendy BAMBOO bowls and is now pleased to present its new addition of stylish placemats to offer a complete dinner set for cats and dogs. It is very important to retain a clean and hygienic area where pets can have their meal. The SERVE placemat has been especially designed for pet owners to provide this.

Functional and durable placemat
This placemat is highly functional due to the raised edges to keep spills on the mat and off the floor. Luckily enough the silicone material is easy to wipe clean with a tissue and even suitable for the dishwasher. The flexible silicone material is 100% food-safe as it contains no BPA which makes the placemats very safe for cats & dogs. Do keep in mind it is still important to clean the area every once in a while. If you do so, you can simply roll the placemat up and take it somewhere else.

Interior proof 
Besides its functionality, the SERVE is also perfect for interior lovers as the matt finish on the silicone material gives it a luxury look. The placemat is available in three colors: merengue, ice blue and dark grey so interior lovers can find the best fit for their home decor. Good to know is that each District 70 BAMBOO bowl can be used in combination with this feeding mat to create the perfect dinner set.

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