We are pleased to present the new District 70 scratch collection. It includes products ranging from cat beds to smaller cat scratching toys. The new collection has been designed to be functional in order to meet a cat’s hunting instincts but also to shine in every modern interior.

MAZE The multifunctional MAZE features as a lounge spot, cat scratcher and toy all-in one. Cats love to sleep and curl up on warm material, so lucky enough for them the material is made from sustainable cardboard. It’s possible to assemble the MAZE in 5 different ways, simply fold it to another shape and the bed looks totally different. It also includes a ball made of catnip; cats will love chasing the ball down the track for hours. Perfect for cat owners with limited space but also for those who would like to fit their cat bed into their interior.

BUNKER Whenever cats experience some stress, they tend to hide or crawl underneath the couch to calm down and oversee the area. This stylish cat house made from steady cardboard, provides a new hiding spot to turn to or play hide and seek. The scratch pad on top and the catnip ball inside rolls around to make it as playful and useful all in one.

TELLY As winter has started we spend most of our time inside the house, in front of the television. So why not share this experience with your cat? This scratching furniture in the shape of a retro television brings back the good old memories! The inside and outside of the TELLY is almost completely covered with corrugated cardboard, ideal for sharpening the nails which allows the cat to give it its own scent and mark its’ territory. 

STRETCH & OVAL OFFICE Double pleasure is guaranteed with the OVAL OFFICE and STRETCH which both feature two scratching cardboards that can be pushed into one another. Although both cat scratchers have the same Scandinavian design the OVAL OFFICE, hence the name, is oval shaped whereas the STRETCH is rectangular.  

FIESTA It is a real party when the FIESTA scratch toy comes out! In the shape of a birthday cake and three different designs: sprinkle, black and white, the FIESTA is a stylish eye catcher in any interior. The shape of the birthday cake is layered into three components, the bottom layer features a jingling ball inside and contains holes for the cats’ paws. The second layer includes corrugated cardboard for scratching and the finishing touch is a playful feather on top.

GLORY To continue in party mode, the GLORY display box contains 15 cardboard balls which are made of durable honeycomb paper. A snack or catnip can be easily placed between the layers of paper and the feathers and bell on top provide even more fun. Each cardboard cat toy is lightweight so cats can drag it everywhere. The GLORY balls are displayed in a round sprinkle box to show off this bundle of joy.

Just as excited or curious about the new District 70 scratching collection as we are? Please complete this form for more information about the products and pricing. We will be in touch with you shortly.