Nowadays matching the style and colour of a dog bed to someone’s home décor certainly has an influence on purchasing decisions. For lots of customers, making sure the dog beds complements the interior of their homes is an important consideration when choosing a dog bed. 

In general the range of pet supplies is designed from a functional and practical point of view, whereas mostly it does not look nice in someone’s interior. From the frustration at the lack of well-designed, good quality and affordable products, our brand District 70 was born. District 70 matches its collection dog beds to popular interior design styles and offers many different models to choose from.

TIMBER – Japandi design

Japandi is a combination of Japanese and Scandi. The way it can be described is a combination of Scandinavian functionality and Japanese warm and minimalistic materials. Although it’s a relatively new trend, expect it to be a long lasting one. District 70’s newest dog bed TIMBER is made of sturdy bamboo which gives it a warm look and feel. Its simple design with a nice touch of black in it gives it a luxury touch. The combination of Asian materials and Scandinavian simplicity makes it blend in perfectly with the Japandi design.

COCOON – Boho style

In boho homes it is common to match different types of texture but usually tends to lean towards soft and woodsy colours. Unlike Japandi, a bohemian interior is styled with a bit more sturdy materials such as teak wood, braided macrame or rattan furniture. Hence District 70’s matching dog bed COCOON. The COCOON is made of eco-friendly natural wicker, a type of material that blends in perfectly with a boho styled home!

CLASSIC – Modern design

Modern design is an interior style that is characterised by clean lines, minimalism, natural materials and a monochrome colour palette. Modern homes are usually styled with leather furniture, dark flooring or black and white accents. District 70’s bestselling dog bed CLASSIC is a timeless design bed that suits a modern home perfectly. The rectangular-shaped bed has one lower side for easy entry and the sturdy bolstered edges provide extra support. The comfortable dog bed combines a simple design with superior comfort.

HALO – Retro style

A retro interior consists of a mix of old styles and new forms, or new forms with old materials and finishings. Back in the days homes were styled with brighter colours and quirky shapes of furniture. Most dog beds are rectangular, the HALO is a rounded bed which gives it that retro look and feel. The circular shape creates a protective atmosphere, while the sturdy bolstered edges give additional support.

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