It all started with a BAMBOO feeding bowl for dogs, but due to its success new BAMBOO products have been developed over the years and a proper collection has emerged. The BAMBOO collection especially has been developed for pet owners to whom interior design yet practivality is important. 

BAMBOO Cat Slow Feeder 

What is a slow feeder? 

A slow feeder is also known as an anti-gulp bowl that encourages cats to eat at a slower pace. With the help of indentations in the middle of the slow feeder, a cat has to make more effort into finishing its meal. By eating slower, a cat will gulp less and get the feeling of being full quicker. Cats have a sensitive stomach due to its size and production of hairballs so with slowing down the eating pace, a cat will experience a better digestion.

Designed for cats

Besides its functionality, the BAMBOO Cat Slow Feeder is made of sturdy bamboo material and with the anti-slip bottom it will stay firmly in place. As a result it is more heavy weight than others on the market and very durable. The indentations leave enough room for dry or wet food but the unique shapes add a fun touch to it. Unlike the slow feeder for dogs, this cat slow feeder has a shallow design to prevent whisker fatigue.

BAMBOO Treat Jar

The practical and stylish pet food canister called BAMBOO Treat Jar is ideal for keeping snacks or kibble fresh for various occasions such as a weekend away, on holiday or just at home. Made of the same sturdy bamboo material, this pet food canister is very practical with its silicon non-slip bottom and vacuum silicon seal that ensures long-lasting freshness of the snacks or kibble. Dose the cat or dog food easily with the included serving scoop that matches the complete design in both colour and material.


Dinner Essentials Concept

The BAMBOO collection of District 70 is now a complete range of products that can be combined all together. Each product from this collection has the same trendy colours: dark grey, merengue and ice blue. Whether you have a cat or a dog, this concept may serve each one. From a bowl, to a matching placemat to a slow feeder for both cats and dogs and a treat jar. All essentials are covered in a stylish, practical and durable way.

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