Choosing a new cat toy has been made even more difficult with the expansion of five new cat toys. From classic familiar scratch toy designs with a new twist to all-new cat toys such as colourful felt balls and a unique launch of stylish coffee table books that have not been seen in the market before!


We are extremely proud to launch a product design that is completely new in the pet industry! As a pet brand that develops with interior lovers in mind, we are very excited to have hit a new milestone in offering the perfect match between functionality and decoration for cat owners.

In recent years, a new home trend has emerged – coffee table books. The scratch toy comes in three different colours with ‘caterior proof’ lettered in black, ‘the smallest feline is a masterpiece’ in white/gold and ‘a cat’s diary’ in beige. When opening the coffee table book, you will find a scratching surface made of corrugated cardboard to keep a cat’s nails in good condition. The scratching surface is detachable and double-sided so cats can enjoy it for an extra long time! No shortage on play time either as the silk ribbon, multiple holes and a tinkling ball are guaranteed to get a cat playing.

Functionality and decoration converge in this new scratch toy as it’s a true eye-catcher in your home when showcased in a book shelf for example.


Where flowers serve as decoration, the same certainly applies for this scratch toy. This fun flower-shaped toy offers a cat to chase two tinkling balls in circles and afterwards a warm scratching pad to squint the eyes and have a moment of rest. Available in two colours: black and white.


Chances are the house will become one big race track with this new scratch toy. This sturdy design offers the opportunity to scratch, play or even have a short nap on. A tinkling ball can be chased after inside the track, in the middle of the scratcher. The size and sturdiness makes it ideal for a household with multiple cats. Available in two colours: black and white.


We are pretty sure cat owners will agree when we say that cats are like a ray of sunshine on darker days. Even though cats spent the majority of the day with their eyes closed and curled up, this fun sun-shaped scratch toy offers an exciting break in between. The scratching pad on top will keep the nails healthy and the two tinkling balls can be grabbed through one of the fifteen holes. Available in two colours: black and white.