As cardboard being a significant key element in our product designs for cats, we couldn’t let the opportunity pass by of developing a cat wand toy made of cardboard. By launching the new wand toys, District 70 has expanded its assortment of stylish cat toys for those interior loving cat owners.


The wand toys are designed with a wooden stick wheras the toy itself is made of corrugated cardboard. The shape of both toys refers to their product name – one being in the shape of a little cardboard fish and the other in the shape of a little cone, both designs are available in colours black and white. Attached to all shapes is a jingling bell with feathers to mimic the movements of preys, stimulating a cat’s natural hunting instincts and providing them with hours of fun. Ideal for indoor cats who could use some extra excersice!


The cat wand toys are attached to a cardboard backcard making it suitable for a ‘’hanging’’ presentation in stores. We understand the importance of being eco-conscious, which is why we made sure that our cat wand toys are fully recyclabe when dismantled.   

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