Last year District 70 launched the BAMBOO series with stylish bowls for both cats and dogs. We are now pleased to add the BAMBOO slow feeder to this range. The slow feeder has been especially designed for dogs that tend to gulp and consume their food at a fast pace. The innovative design is both a practical and stylish addition to any home interior.

What is a slow feeder?

A slow feeder is also known as an anti-gulp bowl that encourages dogs to eat at a slower pace. With the help of indentations in the middle of the slow feeder, a dog has to make more effort into finishing its meal. By eating slower, a dog will gulp less and get the feeling of being full quicker. With slowing down the eating pace, a dog will have a better digestion and a lower chance at health risks.

Benefits of a slow feeder

#1 Eating more slowly

The slow feeder has been developed to prevent the health risks. Because the dog will eat more slowly with the help of a slow feeder, the body also gets more time to process the food at the right pace. This is much better for the digestion of the food, reducing the chance of obesity.  

#2 Prevents vomiting 

One of the most common problems in dogs after eating a meal too quickly is vomiting. This is because the stomach has too little time and space to process the chunks of food. In serious cases, this can even lead to suffocation. By eating slowly with a slow feeder, the stomach can process the food better and the chance of vomiting can be reduced. 

#3 Prevents boredom

Slow feeders are also called fun feeders because of the fun obstacles in the food bowl. Because the dog takes longer to eat, it is also ideal against boredom.

Innovative design

Besides its functionality, the BAMBOO slow feeder is made of sturdy bamboo material and with the anti-slip bottom it will stay firmly in place. As a result it is heavy weight and very durable. The indentations leave enough room for dry or wet food but the unique shapes add a fun design touch to it. The stylish slow feeder is available in three colours merengue, ice blue and dark grey and 2 sizes (Ø21 and Ø28 cm).  

Dinner essentials 

The slow feeder is the newest addition to the BAMBOO series including the BAMBOO bowls that can be combined perfectly. And, it also matches the SERVE placemat to complete a tasteful dinner set.

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