Many dog owners may know the discussion about whether the dog should be allowed on to the sofa or not. That debate is now a thing of the past with the launch of District 70’s new dog bed NUZZLE, a bed especially designed for dogs to sleep on the sofa.

Stylish dog bed for on the sofa

Instead of covering the sofa with rugs or having never ending discussions about allowing the dog on the sofa, the new dog bed NUZZLE offers the perfect solution. Apart from protecting the sofa from dirt or scratches, it compliments any interior style. A contemporary colour scheme of taupe, dark grey and merengue makes the bed an appealing accessory for any interior design lover.

Practical and comfortable

Unlike other sofa dog beds on the market, the NUZZLE’s sturdy edges are filled with a firm shredded foam crumb which won’t clump over time and offers good support for the dog. The cover of the dog bed is removable and machine washable at 30 degrees, in case of dirt or accidents it can be washed clean. The bottom of the bed contains anti-slip rubbers preventing the bed from sliding off the sofa.

The dimensions of the sofa dog bed S (65 x 75 x 15 cm), M (75 x 75 x 17 cm) and L (85 x 75 x 19 cm) offers a comfortable retreat for dogs of every breed and any size.

The lightweight design of the NUZZLE makes it an ideal dog bed to take along road trips as it fits most backseats or spacious boots. The smallest size of the dog bed can also serve felines that enjoy a good nap on the sofa.   

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