Whereas District 70 started with designing products for pets who spend 70% in their own district, we have always kept interior lovers in mind. Living with pets is a lifestyle as we say and for all those pet owners with different interior styles, we offer a variety of pet furniture solutions. 

District 70 is pleased to launch the new cat scratcher WHISKER. With this new cat scratcher, District 70 is expanding its assortment with yet another unique, functional and stylish design must have. The new cardboard cat scratcher in the  shape of a matchbox will definitely light a fire in a cats enthusiasm.


The new cardboard cat scratcher WHISKER is somewhat a mix of District 70’s first cat scratcher SARDINE and the MIXTAPE. Both designs came together and blended into this new addition, resulting in a rectangular design but with two openings for the cat to go through. The eye-catching design featuring a print in the shape of a matchbox will stand out in any interior.


As autumn has arrived we start to spend more time inside the house and mostly in front of the TV. Where many cat owners enjoy this moment of relaxation with a cat besides or on top of them, why not surprise the cat with its own TV? This cat scratcher in the shape of a retro television must be a favourite to many cat owners bringing back the good old days. The brown retro and vintage tv print suits the autumn season perfectly.  


From the 70’s we time travel to the 80’s as the MIXTAPE is a cardboard cat scratcher in the shape of an old mixtape or as some would say cassette tape. Besides its funny design, the scratcher is very practical for sharpening the nails and may offer a lot of playtime due to the two little holes at the front, ensuring lots of interactive play.


If we were to speak about ‘the original’ District 70 products, the SARDINE would certainly be one of them as it was the first cat scratcher with a funny print on it. If there is one meal that any cat finds delicious it would be something including fish, hence the print of a sardine can. The cat scratcher in the shape of a sardine can has been a cats favourite for many reasons – scratching, relaxing and playing – but besides that, interior loving cat owners have been appreciative for being able to update their home with an original design cat scratcher.

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