In recent years, the market for nutritional supplements for dogs has grown rapidly. In more and more households, dogs have become a cherished member of the family, so the well-being and health of their four-legged friend is becoming increasingly important. With the expected demand for nutritional supplements and care for good health of dogs, Greenfields has thoroughly developed a range of food supplements.

In cooperation with specialists who have extensive experience in the field of human and veterinary supplements, Greenfields has put a lot of effort into developing a range of nutritional supplements. The latest scientific insights are always key in relation to a specific health problem of the dog. This has resulted in product formulas in which the ingredients complement and enhance each other in terms of effects. 

What are nutritional supplements?
Some dogs suffer from health problems that sometimes can be prevented or corrected by using a dietary supplement. Food supplements for dogs always complement a balanced diet. They can be concentrated in powder, tablet, capsule or oil form.

Many dogs suffer from joint problems as they get older, but this can also occur with young dogs. Well-known symptoms are difficulty standing up, slowness or limp walking, stiffness, pain reaction when being touched or suddenly stopping during a walk. Especially for these dogs, there is Greenfields Mobility+; a nutritional supplement from 100% pure and natural ingredients. Scientific research shows that the unique composition of Mobility+ actively contributes to the reduction of joint problems in dogs. Type II collagen (UC-II®) is an important protein that occurs particularly in cartilage which is good for the bones. CurQfen® contains curcumin, which is known to be a particularly strong antioxidant and is known to be a strong antioxidant to reduce inflammation and pain. Type I collagen (Ovomet®) not only strengthens the ligaments and tendons around the joints, but also “lubricates” the joints.

Many dog owners are familiar with sensitive bowels, flatulence or nausea. The core of the problem is often an insufficient intestinal flora. Probiotics+ is aimed at restoring the natural balance in the intestines and supports digestion in order to prevent diarrhea and flatulence. Greenfields Probiotics+ consists of no less than five high-quality ingredients, including 2 prebiotics and 1 probiotic that are combined. Reservatrol is a strong antioxidant that protects healthy body cells and increases resistance against unwanted aggressors. The combination of high-dosed prebiotics, probiotics and an antioxidant makes it unique.

Many dogs suffer from stress that is mainly caused by people. Examples of stressful situations include moving house, a new pet in the house, strange people, fireworks, travelling or a visit to the vet. Greenfields Calm+ food supplement is specially developed to support dogs in a stressful or anxious situation. The product formula is composed on the basis of thorough scientific studies with a unique combination of high-quality and naturally pure ingredients. In addition to the well-known soothing plant extracts valerian and withania, CurQfen® is known to have a beneficial effect on anxiety fatigue and stress.

The most common skin disorders among dogs are dermatitis or an allergy. This can be recognised by itching, dry skin, hair loss, flaky skin or a dull coat. Greenfields Skin+ supplement is aimed at a good condition of the skin and coat. It is a mix of pure and high-quality cold-pressed oils: linseed oil and borage oil. Several studies have shown that these can bring the skin and coat back into balance.

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