From this year on you may expect a new look for all Greenfields items! While our nutritional supplements and shampoo bars already had the new branding upon launch mid-2022, our care products such as shampoos, perfumes and training sprays had yet to receive the new look. We are happy to announce that the rest of our care range has now gradually joined the rebranding with a new and fresh appearance.

Why a rebrand?

Greenfields has been on the market for over 25 years and with a brand identity that hadn’t been changed since, it felt right to convert to a more modern and timeless design. We are convinced that our focus on minimalism and sustainability comes across in the new branding as well.

Less is more

Greenfields wants to remain recognisable as a brand so as a result all key elements have been preserved such as illustrations, logo and product name. Though in a different order and slight softer colour tones to maintain a minimalism yet modern look. An additional visible change has taken place with the special coat shampoos. These used to contain a sparkle but as this is not degradable, it has been taken out. To maintain a more unified range, all of the shampoo bottles that previously had a black cap now also have a grey one.

Good to know, the packaging of the shampoos have been changed to HDPE, a material that can be recycled after use! Besides that, the previous 250 ML shampoo content has been increased to 270 ML for all new stock. *All logistical details such as barcodes and usual pricing remain the same.

Stock rotation

As of February 2023, a selection of products includes the new packaging, throughout this year the remainder of products will follow. Please be aware, a mix of new and old packaging can therefore be supplied.

Questions about Greenfields´ rebranding or stock rotation? Please complete this form for more information. We will be in touch with you shortly.