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Get to know District 70

All cat and dog owners know that their furry friends can spend a large amount of their time curled up asleep in their favourite spot. District 70 is inspired by the fact that cats and dogs spend approximately 70% of their time at the same place – or as they would like to call it – their district. District 70 provides these sleepy cats and dogs a comfortable district to get settled and snuggled up to!

District 70 is a real treat for both you and your furry friend. Aside from pampering your pet with their new favourite district, you can update your interior at the same time. We strongly believe in designing trendy products and that is why our fashionably unique cat range of cat houses, beds and scratching furniture or the range of dog beds do so much more than only providing a place for your pet to rest. District 70 products are designed to fit any stylish home  – not that your pet cares about that as they snooze the day away dreaming of their next adventure!

With the introduction of a range of bamboo bowls, we have designed stylish dinner essentials e.g. bowls and slow feeders to enhance the pets eating experience. Living with pets is a lifestyle for many people and we are proud to be a part of that lifestyle.

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